We understand the importance of what we do everyday. Our customers understand this too. We are active in oil and gas exploration as well as mineral exploration drilling. Our company has the dependable skills and equipment to serve the vitally important work of exploration; to help discover and bring energy to markets that both heat and cool our homes and businesses.

About Us

Since 2010, We Have Been committed To Excellence

Tough, robust mineral exploration drilling rigs equipped with a range of features for safe and highly efficient drilling in remote areas of difficult terrain. 

AMPDrill Africa’s mineral exploration rigs can be set up for wireline coring, reverse circulation, rotary air blast, or open-hole boring and have proven themselves over and over in some of the most punishing conditions around the world.

AMPDrill Africa can also provide complete tooling & spares packages, on-site training and after sales support for all our machines, ensuring the customer understand clearly the full potential of our drilling rigs.

Why Choose Us?

With a more than a decade of experience, we have the most modern drilling equipment available today. Along with our extensive experience, this ensures that our customers will receive our services in the most efficient, convenient and cost effective manner.

Building well integrity with AMPDrill Africa’s Tubular Running Services. Our fit for purpose TRS along with our expertise, will align with your projects goals to construct your well safely and efficiently every time.

QHSSE Program

Safety and environmental responsibility are an integral part of our culture, and these values drive improved quality in every aspect of our operations.

Safety First

AMPDrill Africa's Tubular Running Services


Delivering Well Integrity

Our approach to well construction services begins with understanding your challenges across the entire drilling and completion program. Starting with pre planning operations, our global teams collaborate with you to tailor cost effective solutions without compromising safety and service quality.


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Our experienced leadership team has endured the many business cycles of the energy industry by relying on guiding principles derived from concrete foundations of faith, a love for excellence and unwavering commitment to doing what is right.


Frequently Asked Questions about our Borehole Drilling Services

Whether you’re a home-owner, farmer or industrial business having your own borehole drilled is a big job. It’s one that requires a lot of research, plenty of consideration and you have to be absolutely sure of what you’re getting and how it will benefit you.

A bore well is a well of 4 1/2″, to 12″ in diameter drilled into the earth for retrieving water. In this 4 1/2″ and 51/2″ Bore wells are commonly for Domestic purposes while 6 1/2 and more are for Commercial / Industrial purposes.

There are several factors which can affect the cost of a borehole installation this includes: underlying hydrogeology, amount of water required, location, the type of pump required. We are able to provide, free no obligation quotations, simply call us on +233 050 703 2590 or fill out our contact form.

As long as there is sufficient space on your site or property to construct the borehole you can just about put a borehole anywhere.

There are practical decisions to be made in connection with this, e.g. where do you want the water, where can the above ground pumping infrastructure be housed, where is power available, are there any potential sources of contamination of the borehole? etc.

As part of our no obligation specification and quotation we will visit site to assist you in determining if there is sufficient space for the borehole and the best location to construct it.

During pumping a borehole pump produces a ‘cone of depression’. This is the influence zone of where water is being abstracted. Where possible any new borehole should be outside this zone to ensure that one borehole does not affect another.

We recommend that anyone who wishes to site a borehole close to another speaks to us to gain the specialist knowledge they need to make sure the new borehole does not affect the old borehole.

This depends on the scale of the submersible pump installed but typically a small pump for normal use, e.g. less than 20m3/day abstraction will be very cheap to run.

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